Release TAG

  • Checkout rootfs
    - cd examples/rootfs
    - git pull origin master
  • Make sure version development status in is correct
    - __version__ = "1.[x].[x]"
    - 'Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable'
  • Update ChangeLog
  • commit and push into dev
  • merge dev into master, via github and make sure pass CI test

  • Tag now

git checkout master
git pull
git tag 1.[x].[x]
git push origin --tags
  • Check for new Pypi package @
  • Check pip3 update command
pip3 install qiling --upgrade
  • Sync dev with latest master
git checkout dev
git merge master
  • Change development status in to
'Development Status :: 3 - Beta'
  • Update version and add in dev
__version__ = "X.X.X" + "-dev"
  • Update changelog and add section for next Update
  • commit and push
  • Done

Adding New Arch (WIP)

  • Instrumentation

Adding New OS (WIP)

  • Test for hello asm, dynamic and static
  • set_api() test